Bicolour Tunic

Yin Yang

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Product Description

  • The long top has a specially curated cut at the hip area that enables wearers to feel more compact, as well as look more slender. 
  • Top half of the top is relatively looser than the bottom half, which enhances ease of hand movements during Yoga.
  • Vibrant tie dye colourings offers a sense of cheerfulness and liveliness. 
  • Wide neckline accentuates the collarbone, providing a slimming effect. 







    Length 72 cm

    Width 23 cm

    Length of sleeve 22.5 cm

    Sleeve width 16.5 cm

    Waist change width 17.5 cm

    Hem width 36.5 cm (elastic)


    Cotton (organic cotton) 90%, polyurethane 10%

    Collections: Bali Collection

    Type: Tops

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    Measurements & Garment Care
    Size Measurement

    Each product size stated in pages of Yin Yang are based on the measurements as follows:






    Measuring stretchable material

    The measurements may differ slightly due to the processing methods. Additionally, wearing, washing, drying etc may also result in the slight expansions of the materials.
    Usage of steam irons will not affect the elasticity or comfort of the clothing.
    Staining product handling attention

    Each product is handmade using botanical dyes. Therefore, the colors and prints of each design may vary slightly.
    Kindly avoid using hot water or laundry detergent containing fluorescent agent when washing. Also, refrain from using dryer machines on the products and avoid direct sunlight.
    Colour may run during the first few washes. It is recommended to handwash our products to avoid stainings on other clothes.
    Dry in shade.
    Please take note of the above points before making any purchase.
    Proper garment care will ensure longevity of the clothing.