Product Story



Our clothings are produced with natural materials that include linen and mostly-organic cotton that is authorized by the Textile Exchange Company in Bali.

Organic cotton is produced ethically, therefore eliminating environmental damages as well as health implications on workers.  Agricultural chemicals are also completely absent in the manufacturing processes of our organic cotton.





Our dyeing processes are based on the traditional dye craft which originated in Sunba, an island in Indonesia.

Our dyes are extracted from five different types of indigenous trees and along with our exclusive dyeing techniques, vivid and unique colors are produced.  



Relationships & Fair-trade

Our clothing is produced by a cottage industry in Bali which houses sewing, dyeing, printing, embroidery and fabric production facilities.

We value a cooperative and intimate relationship with the local Balinese that is built upon trust, friendship and interdependence.

We focus on fair-trade through ethical partnerships with local Balinese businesses.

Our mission is to provide a healthy workplace for the locals, and in the meantime contributing positively to the local society.