Warmly Bolero (Product Descriptions)

To keep body warm during Yoga sessions, convenient outer wear for workouts

At the start of every Yoga lesson, it may take up some time before the body warms up.
At times like this, it is essential to have a lightweight bolero which you can conveniently slip on and off.

Outerwear: Warmly Bolero (Navy) / Top: N.A / Bottom: N.A

Carefully crafted for maximum versatility

The bolero serves as the most versatile outerwear which comfortably keeps your arms warm, allowing you to warm up more effectively.

We have found the golden ratio for the hems between the neckline and the armhole. The bolero is specially tailored such that it accommodates all sorts of activities and does not hinder your movements during Yoga sessions. The meticulous design  ensures that the outerwear will stay in place no matter how you move your arms, enabling you to focus on all your Yoga postures. .

Outerwear: Warmly Bolero (Green) / Top: Bust Fit Tank (Brown) / Bottom: Botanical Torenka (Green)

In addition, the material used to make the bolero is not only extremely stretchy, it is also incredibly soft and silky, promising wearers maximum versatility and comfort.

Available in both tie-dye and solid colours, the bolero also serves to accentuate your Yoga outfit.

Products: Warmly Bolero 

For Yogis who are concerned that Yoga wears might be too revealing for you, the bolero can allow you to feel less exposed and self-conscious.

Outerwear: Warmly Bolero (Navy) / Innerwear: N.A.

The usage of natural dyes colours the boleros with an earthly colour range, providing a soft undertone, effecting in a touch of femininity.