Ikat T (Product description)

The diagonal tie-dye design catches the eye with its bold and unique design. The simplicity offered by the organic material and the vibrancy of the botanical dye results in a beautiful contrast.

Top: Ikat T (Green) / Bottom: Gradation Short Pants (Brown)

Simple cut suitable for everyday wear.

The shirt has a fitting cut but there the hem width is widen slightly to provide maximum comfort. The crew neck collar is carefully made to be not too wide nor low-cut. The top is easy to move in and suitable for all yoga Asanas (movements).

Designed with wide sleeves, the round finish hem, as well as the slight curvature of the sleeves, give a feminine feel.

Top: Ikat T (Navy)Bottoms: N.A

The dynamic dye patterns adds style to simplicity, resulting.in a T-shirt that is suitable for all occasions.

Top: Ikat T (Purple) / Bottom: N.A

There’s no other design like Yin Yang’s, resulting in a shirt distinguishable from the rest.