Yin Yang's Yoga Retreat Report Vol.2

March 10, 2017

Yin Yang's Yoga Retreat Report Vol.2

This is part two of our Yin Yang's Yoga Retreat Report. 

After Seminyak, we proceeded to Ubud.

We arrived at the mysterious and tranquil mountain area of Ubud after an hour drive from the Seminyak beach resort. We stayed at "Wapa de Ume Resort & Spa", an incredibly lovely resort hotel.

There is a beautiful backyard full of greeneries. A perfect place to take a stroll, clear your mind and immerse in the atmosphere of peacefulness.

The morning Yoga session was conducted in a cozy room decorated with earthy colours that evoked a sense of calmness and relaxation. 

A blend of lush greeneries coupled with the morning horizon in the background. What more can we ask for? Truly a breathtaking view from the restaurant.

Subsequently, some additional participants joined in for the first official event of the retreat -  the botanical dye experience.

At this workshop, participants got to learn about the entire process of botanical dyeing and also, got a hands-on experience to make some of their masterpieces. 

The participants only had enough time for one complete product. Botanical dyeing is definitely no easy task but we all enjoyed the process! 

Look at the range of vibrant colorings. We were all so proud of our own masterpieces!

We were all so engrossed in the botanical dyeing experience that we forgot all about lunch!


Luckily, this vegetarian lunch box saved the day. The rice wrap was really delicious!

The next day, we went to "Sayuri's Healing Food" to attend a cooking class by Sayuri, a specialised food chef who stays in Bali.

Sayuri shared us her experience and knowledge, which were extremely enriching and inspiring as well. She taught us the beauty of "healing food", as well as how we can best prepare them to reap the maximum benefits of these food. 

After that...

The Zucchini pasta and Cocao balls were simply amazing.

As much as we wanted to stay on at Sayuri's cafe to do some shopping, we needed to move on to our next stop -- Jamu.

Jamu was far away from the town central. We went to the farm of  "Angelo's Store" which is also an aroma shop.

We all had a taste of what aroma craft is like. It is really similar to cooking and all materials used can be found in the kitchen too.

We made facial mask, body scrub, hair oil and Jamu drink!

After the Jamu farm experience, we did some shopping in the farm's merchandise shop and Mr Angelo, the owner of the farm, gave us souvenirs too! Really thankful for his hospitality!

This marks the end of out mid-trip. The end of our trip is approaching soon.

To be continued (in Vol. 3)...