Yin Yang Botanical Dye Products

February 13, 2017

Yin Yang Botanical Dye Products

About Yin Yang's Botanical Dye Products

At Yin Yang, all our products in the Bali collection are produced using botanical dyes. Botanical dyes are natural dyes extracted from plants and does not contain chemicals. We make use of the natural colourings from five different native plants to obtain a wide variety of vibrant colours. 

These are the five different plants and the colours they are used for respectively:

Indigo leaves (originated from Java) - Blue 

Mango leaves (originated from Bali) - Yellow

Mahogany leaves (originated from Bali) - Brown

Ketapand leaves (originated from Bali) - Black


Seppan (originated from Java) - Red 

Our craftsmen are all skillful individuals who are capable of producing the most desired colourings through their unique dye-making processes. Each and every product is hand-made by these dedicated individuals to ensure top quality of the products. 

What To Take Note Of?

Depending on the harvesting season, the colours extracted might differ slightly from time to time. The colours of our products may therefore vary slightly, depending on the weather or environmental factors. Since our products are all hand-dyes, each piece is unique and it would be unlikely to have completely identical dye-patterns. 


Recommended Care Method

1. Since our Bali Collection products are purely made of natural dye, it is unavoidable that the colours would run on the first couple of washes. Therefore, remember to hand-wash our products for the first few washes. Subsequently, you can then turn the clothing inside out and use machine wash instead. 

2. Try not to allow detergent to come into direct contact with the clothings. There is a risk of discoloration since we use only natural dyes. (You may dissolve the detergent in the water first before adding in the clothing.)

3. Keep the products protected from direct sunlight, extreme heat and moisture.