Thank you for participant Yin Yang's 1st retreat in Bali

February 21, 2017

Thank you for participant Yin Yang's 1st retreat in Bali

Yin Yang Kyoto and Bali team organised our 1st retreat in Bali.

Yin Yang's exclusive model, Maaya, have written much about this inspiring and rejuvenating retreat. Look at what she has to say about the heavenly experience.

Listening to the sound of the ocean, feeling the Breeze of the tropical wind brush across our faces. 

We completed our 1st retreat in Bali, the island of gods, a place of serenity. 

First of all, we are grateful for all the participants who joined us in this retreat journey. 

Beautiful ocean and mountain, yoga practice, food, clothes and friends...

We shared countless memorable moments during the 7D5N retreat. 

Throughout this retreat, we were as carefree as a child, cuddling with all our favourite things, away from the cities, away from the hassles of our hectic daily lives. 

There is just so much terrific memories throughout this journey. I would list them down one by one, in multiple more writings to come. 

I would like to say, a big thank you to all participants, staffs and coordinators. Most importantly, thank you, Yin Yang fans.


Written by Maaya


On behalf of Yin Yang Singapore,  we would like to invite all of you to stay tuned and look out for our very first retreat offered to Yoga enthusiasts based in Singapore. We are looking forward to co-Organising such a retreat with Yin Yang Kyoto in order to bring to you the opportunity to explore such wonderful experiences.