Team building and Samurai's Medidation

June 09, 2017

Team building and Samurai's Medidation

A university student joined our team and we went to Samurai's Meditation for team building during lunch time.

What is Samurai's Meditation?


It is a Japanese Tea Ceremony, also called Chanoyu or Sado, Chado in Japanese.

It is a ceremonial preparation and performance of matcha - a green tea powder.

The first documented evidence of tea in Japan dates back to the 9th century. Later on, Samurais started holding Japanese Tea Ceremonies in the 16th century, a period in Japanese history marked by social upheaval, political intrigue and near-constant military conflict.

Samurais savoured tea in the tranquil space of the tearoom, which was viewed as a peaceful place, away from the mayhem. The Tea Ceremony was a haven for them to revitalise their spirits away from the tumultuous battlefield.


(Mrs. Norris, founder of En Japanese Tea Culture, lectured us about Japanese Tea Ceremony)

As we work hard every day, taking on all forms of stress and tiring ourselves, we are akin to the Samurais of our modern world. It would be good to refresh and relax ourselves through a Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The venue was in the middle of the CBD, but as we stepped in, it was a quiet and relaxing space, leaving the busy city behind. We enjoyed our first Japanese Tea Ceremony and I felt like I did meditation.

They have a variety of workshops, so please check their facebook page:)

EN Japanese Tea Culture 

Address:10 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-01 239010

Tel:65 97331362