Six reasons you should choose Organic Cotton

August 24, 2016

Six reasons you should choose Organic Cotton

Arguably the most popular sustainable fabric available, organic cotton comes from non genetically modified plants that are grown without toxic insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, all of which are heavily used on conventional cotton crops.

More than 15% of the world's pesticides have been used on conventional cotton plants. As a result, conventional cotton not only contribute to negative environmental impacts but also severely threaten the health of cotton farmers. Although it may cost less to purchase conventional cotton products, choose organic for the sake of our land, water, biodiversity, the farm workers and your own well-being.

6 benefits of wearing Organic Cotton and Botanically Dyed products

1. They are 100% environmentally friendly and eco-conscious

From seed preparation to harvesting and production, organic cotton are purely natural, untreated and non toxic. The seeds are non genetically modified and planted in healthy soil fertilized with organic matter.

2. They protect our health

The kind of clothes you wear can affect your physical and mental well being. Instead of using insecticides and pesticides that are cancer causing agents, beneficial insects and trap crops are grown together with the organic cotton plants. There are also no harmful chemicals involved during the entire production process.

3. They are voted the most skin-friendly and soothing natural fiber

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body! Choose what you wear wisely. The soft quality of the organic cotton gives you a calming and silky touch on skin. 

4. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic

This textile is especially suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, as it will not cause you any allergies nor irritations. 

5. They are breathable, absorbent and stays in shape

Which explains why we choose it as the main textile for our yoga and active wear. Organic cotton is comfortable and easy on the skin. Not only does it gets softer as you wash it, there is minimal shrinkage too. 

6. They are good for your conscience

No one feels good about exploited workers working in hazardous conditions. From farm to factory to fabric, social criteria has been put in place to ensure a safe, healthy and harmonious working environment for our workers. Soil is conserved through crop rotation, drinking waters reserves are preserved, flora and fauna are protected and carbon foot prints are reduced. 

At our Yin Yang's factory side, we use natural ingredients even when it comes to treating our waste. A system has been put in place to ensure we work hand in hand with nature. We planted Lily Flowers in our ponds to filter the coloured waters emitted from our factory (a result from the botanical dyeing process). As long as the fishes and plants in the pond stays in good health, it shows that our natural purification system is working effectively.

Furthermore, our staffs communicate closely with the local craftsman and all of our negotiations are based on fair trade. We aim to help the locals preserve their skill sets, maintain their quality of life and stay healthy in their mind and body while they work. When it comes to fixing the colours of our products, we only use botanical dyes from Mother Earth.

Will you choose organic cotton now that you have a better understanding of it?