Pants Fair - Find out more about: Perfect Leggings Half

February 07, 2017

Pants Fair - Find out more about: Perfect Leggings Half

Basic, Simple and Practical

The Perfect Leggings are specially designed for those looking for a highly versatile pair of Yoga pants. Minimalistic in design and yet intricately manufactured. The top quality organic cotton used to make the leggings results in an incredibly soft and silky texture. Also, despite being made of cotton, the pants are unbelievably stretchable (contains 5% elastane). 

Top: Twist Gile (Navy)      Bottom: Perfect Leggings Half (Light Grey)


The thick waistband nicely hugs the hip area while providing additional support for the wearer during Yoga or exercises. 

Bottom: Perfect Leggings Half (Dark Grey)


Cropped at the calves area, this three quarter length leggings not only provides a casual look, but also maximises ease of movement.



This pair of leggings are extremely lightweight, providing maximum ventilation during workouts. Despite it being thin, the leggings are completely not see-through and highly durable as well! This is why the Perfect Leggings are simply perfect for Yoga because no matter how much you perspire, it is not going to bother you! 

Bottom: Perfect Leggings Half (Navy)


A Casual, Daily Wear

Yes, we did mention something about the versatility of this pair of leggings. Look at the model in the picture above, she looks completely casual and not overly sporty! At Yin Yang, we strive to have our products being worn inside and outside Yoga studios. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you would never look out of place in our outfit!

Bottom: Perfect Leggings Half (Navy)

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Available in: Light Grey, Grey, Dark Grey and Navy



Length 72cm

Waist width 33.5cm

Waist length 13cm

Front rise (above waistband) 12.5cm

Front rise (below waistband) 49cm

Hem width 10cm

Maximum stretch of elastic waist band 105cm

Material  95% organic cotton, 5% elastane


About Organic Cotton:

Organic cotton comes from non-genetically modified plants that are grown without toxic insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This production method is almost the complete opposite of what that is used to produce most conventional cotton crops. It is not only environmentally friendly, it also protects health of farmers and individuals. Not to mention, Organic Cotton is highly hypoallergenic and incredibly comfortable to wear.