Pants Fair - Find Out More About: Half Leggings

February 16, 2017

Pants Fair - Find Out More About: Half Leggings

Half Leggings

Designed with bright and contrasting colors, this pair of half leggings are perfect for a lively look. 

 Top: Half Top Bra (Pink)     Bottom: Half Leggings (Blue)

It has a thick waistband which allows wearers to wear the pants either high-waisted, or folded down for extra support at the hip area. 

Bottom: Half Leggings (Purple)

Cropped at just above the knees, this pair of leggings can accommodate to all leg movements or Yoga asanas during workouts. In addition, slit openings at the hem enable wearers to further enjoy enhanced ease of movement. 

Top: Ikat Diamond Tank (Pink)     Bottom: Half Leggings (Green)

Not only do the leggings feel ultra soft and silky, it is extremely lightweight with excellent ventilation properties. 

Available in 3 colours: Blue, Green, Purple 



Length 61cm

Waist width 33cm

Waist length 11.5cm

Front rise 14.5cm,

Inseam 74.5cm

Hem width 17cm

Material  90% organic cotton, 10% polyurethane