French Long Cardigan

August 31, 2016

French Long Cardigan

Feature: various ways of wearing

Doing Yoga, having lunch and shopping during holiday!

Attend Yoga class in the morning to have a great beginning for the holiday.

Meeting friends for lunch after the class. And, enjoy your time at a new Boutiques found in the town.

These cardigan specially created for relaxing holiday.

It can be wear up with your yoga wear right after yoga class for upcoming events.

Top: French Long Cardigan #Black Bottom: Perfect Leggings #Navy

Specially designed for Yogini.

Especially recommend to yoga instructor who need to wear yoga clothes most of the time.

Top: French Long Cardigan #Black Natural Tank #Gray Bottom: Perfect Leggings #Khaki

Different outlook with different ways of tie up.

Wearing as coat, it will have 2 convenient pockets.

Wearing with leggings or tights will be sense of maturity.

Look healthy and natural with ankle pants.

Top: French Long Cardigan #Brown  Bottom: Ankle Pants #Green/Blue

Grab one for yourself:D