Hot Yoga Video Tutorial with Sandra

April 04, 2017

Hot Yoga Video Tutorial with Sandra

Sandra, our Yin Yang Japan ambassador, teaches Hot Yoga in Kansai, Japan.

She teaches various forms of Yoga and with a Kinesiology background, she is very knowledgeable in the area of the human anatomy, body postures and Ayurveda. You can therefore trust her in teaching you the best body forms for Yoga practices.

We would like to introduce you her video series: "Yoga for Beginners!". 

Now, you can do Yoga in the comfort of your own homes! Just simply follow her instructions in the videos and complete the 30 minutes Yoga session wherever and whenever. 

Although it is just a 30 minutes practice, it helps a lot in relieving muscle tensions, achieving body relaxations and even reduce psychological stress. 

Although it is just a 30 minutes practice but it make you neutral and release stress stored in the body.

P.S. If you are wondering what she is wearing in the video, she is wearing the Bust Fit Tank and Perfect Leggings from our Yin Yang Collections.

About Sandra

Sandra is Chinese Canadian from Vancouver, Canada. She is based in Kansai teaching vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and ayurveda. She first met yoga when she was a university student. Soon she began to notice that yoga had helped her to learn more about herself and inspired her to live life to the fullest. After she graduated with a Kinesiology degree, she moved to Japan and completed her first yoga training in Osaka, then continued to travel and study different yoga styles with world-renowned yoga teachers.  With her knowledge in anatomy, yoga asana, ayurveda, and philosophy, she wants to help people to find calmness, mindfulness, and balance in life through yoga practice. Teachers who have the most influences on her teachings are Max Strom, Seane Corn, Bernie Clark, Jodi Boone, and Zen Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh.