May 02, 2020



As well as being mindful and comfortable for the people who wear yinyang, how we make harmony with this Mother Earth and nature that we live in is a very important mission to us.
For our garments, we choose materials that are natural or recycled.
For example, cotton grown organically, rayon made from plants, natural linen and recycled nylon.
Also for botanically dyed products, we work together with our partner factory in Bali who takes responsibility for the purification process with a biotope system after the dyeing process.
Since 2020, we have abolished the use of plastic bags from the sewing factories and managed to start using cassava bags for sending the products to the customers.
As years go by, to exist together and to create harmony with the beautiful nature on this Earth permanently, we aim to be a brand that continues to think of the changes in the environment and to step forward in the direction of improvement.


The story behind each of the products, how they were made and how they got to your hands, we value the warm relationship of hand to hand process.
For example, each piece of our botanically dyed garments from Bali are hand dyed by the craftsmen who has been responsible for yinyang over the years. We communicate and hear closely to their thoughts and stories to have a mindful process of the each creations.
Also in Japan, we value on a fair-trade business by working with traders that we trust. We also collaborate with creatures' handcrafts to times which sometimes only produces small quantities.
Our main market is our official online store though, we regularly hold pop-up-shops and yoga events where our staff and customers could see each other and shop. By hearing feedbacks face-to-face, we reference and learn a lot towards our future projects.
The process of hand-to-hand and to work together hand-in-hand, these two represents the message from us ;
Like all the delicious foods are made mindfully in a good environment, we think it is important to be able to see the background of the craftsmen, manufacturer and the consumers, and to continue processing hand-to-hand that we can all feel the warmth through it.


When we imagine the world in the future, what can we take action in this moment?
To be sustainable, both people who are involved in and the environment has to be clear and in a nice balance, we need to protect the natural environment, the payment system for the manufacturer needs to be fair, and the pricing needs to be reasonable.
To manufacture high quality products and to offer in reasonable pricing as much as possible, we keep the collection fairly small instead of mass producing.
Our vision of stepping towards a sustainable cycle is that the customers choose our products with compassion to the background story of manufacturing process and to use the products continuously for a long period.
By approaching the process of creations by what we gain from our yoga practice, to be conscious with our body and surroundings with subtle senses, to accept one and other, and to connect with affection we trust that this cycle will lead us to the better.