Botanical Dye factory in Bali

August 12, 2016

Botanical Dye factory in Bali

We always think about our environment when we create our products.

Hence, all materials used by us are harmless to the environment.

Today, we would like to introduce our factory in Bali.

Japan has 4 seasons but Bali has only 3 seasons which same with Singapore.

Hot, Hotter and Hottest!  

As we know Singapore has Wet season and Dry season, Bali are similar to Singapore.

Thus, completion of our Botanical Dyeing products will be different between Wet season and Dry season.

He is a craftsman who specialised in colors decoction from leaves. He have to maintain the suitable firepower and handle colors masterfully in the broiling sun.

It is a very important task to create our ideal colors.


This is Dyeing process in our factory.

The workers dipped cloths into yellow liquid which refine from Mango leaves.

They will creates various dye colors as we requested.

For example, they will add brown liquid from Mahogany leaves into this yellow liquid at the time they need mustard yellow for dyeing.

And this is another photo of our Dyeing process.

This time they dyeing for our products in Navy color.

To create deep navy color, the workers will repeat dipping and washing process.

All of our Botanical Dyeing products are made by their efforts and expertise.

Every single piece of our Botanical Dyeing products is handmade and unique.


This is a filtration system of the factory.

The factory always think about our environment like us. That is one of the reasons that we cooperate with the factory.

They use natural dyeing and filter wastewater before release it out. 

Currently, factories cooperate with foreign apparel companies is increasing in Bali.

Even though wastewater infrastructure are not developed yet.

In the end, they polluted the water and the environment in Bali…

We hope beautiful nature in Bali will be long lasting.

We are happy and appreciate if you remember our message of human and nature harmony when you wear Yin Yang Yoga and Active Wear.