Gradation Short Pants

September 01, 2016

Gradation Short Pants

Beautiful Botanical Dyes - Gradation Short Pants

Increasingly stylish, popular, and flattering, Gradation Short Pants has ultra-high popularity over the years. There are comfortable, versatile, and cool, especially in the hot weather like Singapore.

Beautiful botanical gradient dyeing add a unique sense of simple outfit to become gorgeous. 

Drawstring design at both part of waist are also serves to flatten out and smooth any unwanted curves.

The large pockets on cargo pockets tend to draw attention from your hips and thighs.

It is Convenient and Versatile

Length of the short pants is calculated precisely to make it always the most appropriate look for all outfits. It can look both casual and sophisticated paired with the right shoes.

Slightly AB style of the pants de-emphasize the width of the hips without adding even more width. Skipping the cuffs also keeps the thighs looking sleek and slender.

Bottom: Graduation Short Pants #Green/Brown

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