Half Leggings

August 25, 2016

Half Leggings

Feel like a star in these vivid colours!

Bright, vibrant and eye-catching, you will definitely make heads turn in these unique Bali Half leggings which channels Yin Yang style.

Pair it with a simple T-shirt or one of our cute half top bras and you will have the perfect outfit on the go.

By wearing organic products and nature colours you can feel a connection with Mother Earth.

Durable and functional

Not only looks it look good aesthetically, our Bali Half Leggings is also very functional.  Although these knee-length pants are highly stretchable, they stay perfectly in shape regardless of how often you wear them.

As we used high quality organic cotton that are extremely soft and comfortable, these Bali Half Leggings fits on our legs just like a second skin, supporting and smoothening every step of our movements.

This design is versatile and suitable for all kinds of fitness classes.