About the ingredients of our Botanical Dyeing -2/2

August 06, 2016

About the ingredients of our Botanical Dyeing -2/2

We would like to introduce our five native plants.

Indigo - Blue (Origin Java)

As well known as AI ZOME in Japan, this universal color shows a different shade of blue, depending on its origins. Indigo originated in Java produces smoky blue texture. In order to extract color from the Indigo, it needs to be fermented first and when the dyeing is done, the color will start to change steadily after exposure to open air. This process is like magic!
Indigo dyed clothes have long being used in Japan and it said to be suitable to ease dry rough skin or poor blood circulation. Also it has an insect repelling effect, and has been traditionally used as clothes for farming or put in drawers to prevent insects.
Mango - Yellow (Origin Bali)


Our yellow is obtained from the leaves of tropical Mango trees. This tint of warm Yellow is closer to mustard color. Mango trees do not only share us delicious fruits but also blesses us with warm beautiful colors of nature. In fact, mango trees are found all around Bali and we never seem to be out of ingredients, since people are constantly busy cleaning falling leaves from the mango trees.


Mahogany - Brown (Origin Bali)


Our Brown color is extracted from the leaves of the Mahogany trees grown in the fields around our dyeing factory. Mahogany trees have long been known around the world for its fine wood to create furniture.

However, Mahoganies are now restricted by the Washington Convention due to recless deforestation. A lot of Mahogany trees are found in Indonesia but it is carefully protected according to this convention.

The Mahogany trees at our dyeing factory are well cared by our staffs and we only pick the leaves that has fallen.


Ketapand - Black (Origin Bali)


See almonds are often found near the ocean, and they are very similar to the mangrove species. It can grow strong and burly in both land and water and helps the purification of water. This leaf produces are s stylish decent black tone. We planed this tree near our factory as a purification system to treat our wastewater.


Secand - Red (Origin Java)


Sappan trees from Java are traditionally used as a means of local medication in Indonesia. This tree is originally red but it is  hard to obtain the right color, therefore experience and skills from the craftsman are required. The Red color differs depending on the time of harvest. This is a blessing from nature that enables us to enjoy the occasional color it produces.