Tail Cut Top (Product Description)

A perfect piece for a layered outfit

The Tail Cut Top is a simple piece convenient for all sorts of coordination with a great sense of comfort.

Each piece is delicately hand-dyed to ensure that the finest designs are produced.  
Various colors are available. Mix-and-match them with different outfits for a variety of styles to create the most attention-grabbing fashionable look.

Top: Tail Cut Top (Brown) / Innerwear: OM Y-Tank Top / Bottom: N.A.

The materials used are carefully chosen to give the top an ultra soft and silky texture, which results in the lightweight and flowy effects of the top.


Convenient to wear, fashionable design

The wide neckline accentuates the collarbones, providing a visually slimming effect.

The butterfly sleeves also adds on to the contouring effects of the top, creating the visual effects of slimmer and longer arms.

The shorter length in the front reveals the waist and the longer length at the back rests nicely just above the hips. This rounded hem thereby gives wearers the appearance of a smaller waist.

Top: Tail Cut Top (Navy) / Bottom: N.A.

This comfortable piece which can serve as an outerwear, covering the top half of your upper body.

Top: Tail Cut Top (Blue) / Bottom: N.A

The unique and feminine design adds a sense of maturity to the outfit.
Every move will cause the top to sway gently, making your movements elegant.