Ribbon Mat Strap (Product description)

A strap made from natural material that fits mats of any sizes

A wide ribbon strap used to wrap Yoga mats for easy carrying.

Made with 100% natural linen, the ribbon mat coincides with the theme of nature, which matches flawlessly with our Yin Yang Yoga attires.

The wide width of the ribbon provides support to lighten the load on the shoulder

It is extremely lightweight and compact, can be easily folded into the size of a palm.

It is able to wrap around all mat sizes since the ribbon knot is adjustable according to the thickness of the mat.

Many available colours to match with your yoga mats.

Take note:
*Only the strap is included. The Yoga mats are merely for demonstrative purposes.
*Tag design /  stitching colours may differ depending on production season (The shades of natural dyes obtained varies across seasons.)

How to use:
1. Lay the ribbon mat strap and put the mat on top of the ribbon


2. Wrap the strap around the mat, putting the strap on one end between the separated

ends of the other end

3. Tie the strap from the left and right with ribbon knot