Half Top Bra (Product Description)

A touch of silkiness on your bareskin

This Yin Yang inner wear made of organic cotton and natural plant dye is one of the most popular items every season.

We are very particular about the materials and dye used because they come into direct contact the skin. It is therefore essential to use the safest and most comfortable material for the innerwear. In order to preserve the softness of the organic cotton fabric, each piece is delicately hand-dyed using botanical dye.

Top: Half Top Bra (Pink) / Bottom: Half Leggings (Navy)

In order to ensure quality control, Yin Yang produces only a limited number of pieces each season. Given its quality, this is one item that you will not be able to find in mass production.

It can also be worn as an attention grabbing top for fitness wear.

Top: Half Top Bra (Orange) / Bottom: Gradation Short Pants (Brown)

Thoughtfully manufactured to ensure the ease of movement.

The bra paddings adjust to the shapes of the contours when worn. It is also removable if you find it obstructing during yoga. The wide surface area coverage of the bra top ensures that the bust area is entirely covered and there is no need to worry about revealing too much.

Top: Half Top Bra (Pink) / Bottom: Boxer Shorts (Navy)

The Y-strap at the back also ensures minimum restriction on movements during Yoga.

A variety of vibrant colours and dynamic patterns are available to cater to all preferences.