Botanical Torenka (Product description)

Extremely Flattering Fit 

The Torenka is high-waisted and has a thick waistband, which gives a hip-hugging effect, providing additional support during workouts.

The highly stretchable waistline makes the leggings extremely comfortable to wear.

Top: N.A / Bottom: Botanical Torenka (Navy)

With an added loop at the heel area, you can choose to hook the ends of the leggings around your heels for more support as well as for an elongating look.

In addition, the vertical dye design provides a slimming and elongating effect, ensuring that it gives the most flattering look.

Botanical Torenka (Khaki)

Two designs available: Plain / Tie-dyed

The plain Torenka serves as an essential piece for easy matching.

The tie-dye designs adds on a tinge of playfulness to the torenka and can be easily matched with a plain top to give a simple but fashionable look.