Yin Yang 2016 Annual Report

January 18, 2017

Yin Yang 2016 Annual Report

2016 has officially come to an end. Let us now take a walk down memory lane and take a look at what Yin Yang Singapore has done in the past year. 

Established in July 2016, Yin Yang is an extremely new brand in Singapore and what we had been doing in the past year is basically to raise awareness of our brand. We had participated in a series of pop-up stores and events and we are proud to say that our brand had been really well received. 


1. Popup Store at Liang Court 

In the last week of July, our first ever pop-up store was launched in Liang Court. This initial exposure enabled us to get a very basic understanding of the general views and opinions regarding our product. It was a great chance to interact to customers, as well as explain to individuals the philosophy of our brand. It was definitely an important lesson for us. 



2. Popup Store at FestivalForGood

In August, we were honoured to be invited by raiSE to participate in the FestivalForGood. It was the very first festival celebrating Singapore’s vibrant and passionate social enterprise community. FestivalForGood (FFG) brought together the diverse and vibrant community of social entrepreneurs in Singapore, celebrating their spirit, innovation and passion to do good through their businesses. Over the 2 days, visitors could look forward to a pop-up market featuring socially-conscious merchandise, tech gadgets, food and more, musical and circus performances, hands-on workshops and intimate sharing by social entrepreneurs on the challenges and motivations behind running a social enterprise. Organised by the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE), FestivalForGood hoped to encourage individuals from all walks of life to come together. 

It was truly a pleasurable experience whereby we got to meet a whole community of like-minded entrepreneurs who like us, want to contribute to the society through the businesses. Throughout the event, we struck multiple meaningful conversations with people around us which benefitted us greatly.



3. Yoga Workshop

In early October, we conducted our very first Yoga workshop. The "Into The Heart - Chakra Journey" workshop was conducted by Masumi Lacoste, Founder of Chakra work Association and Member of Yoga Therapist of Japan. Masumi has been practicing Yoga since 2002 and has achieved numerous achievements since she became an Instructor of Padma Yoga group in Kyoto. At this workshop, Masumi san focused on the enlightenment of Chakra Energy activation. She patiently guided all attendees through the journey of self-discovery. We have also collaborated with LINS Smoodees for the special Chakra smoothie customized for Yin Yang, which was distributed to all participants at the end of the Yoga session. 

It was extremely rewarding to see people not only interested in our brand, but in our brand's philosophy as well. The attendees were all people who were passionate about the conscious lifestyle, which is exactly what we want to convey to our customers. 



4. Isetan Popup Store

In late October, our second pop-up store commenced at Isetan Scotts. Over the two-week period at the renowned departmental store, Yin Yang Singapore managed to reach out to a wide range of shoppers who were previously unfamiliar with our brand. Being well-equipped with all that one needs to know about our brand, our promoters were able to accurately convey our brand philosophy to all the shoppers. Through this popup store, we were gratified to recognise the fact that there are many people out there who appeal to the idea of a conscious lifestyle. This popup store was merely the start of many more conversations to come, regarding the raising of awareness of a conscious lifestyle in Singapore. 

At this popup store, our promoters mainly communicated to the shoppers via our brochures, catalogues and pamphlets. Many people were fascinated by our eco-friendly efforts. Along with their interests towards our clothing designs, we managed to raise awareness of our brand amongst many.   


5. Green Is The New Black

During end October, Yin Yang was extremely honoured to participate in Green is the New Black, Asia's first ever conscious event.The event provided goers a 360 degree immersive experience to inform and display to attendees the core of a conscious lifestyle. There were 4 main experiences one could enjoy at the event: Mindful Marketplace, Mouth Watering Grub, Engaging Workshops and Soulful Stage Performances. The Mindful Marketplace was a curated platform featuring local fashion, art, beauty and lifestyle brands who are conscious and mindful in their business practices. This was exactly where Yin Yang came into the picture. 

We set up a booth at the Marketplace and it was simply delightful to be surrounded by so many like-minded businesses. Everyone there had one purpose in mind and that was to promote the green lifestyle. Although we all had the same end goal in mind, it was interesting to see the different perspectives people had regarding the conscious lifestyle. Despite the different approaches engaged, the ultimate drive was the same -- to promote the green lifestyle. 



6. Takashimaya Popup Store

Within the 2 weeks of the pop up store, Yin Yang managed to reach out to a wide array of customers and we are proud to announce that we had made incredible sales during the period! It was really rewarding for us to see both old and new faces at the popup store. At this point of time, we already had some returning customers who were previously with us at Isetan Scotts. 

Similar to what we did at Isetan Scotts, we made it a point to not merely sell our products, but also convey to shoppers our brand philosophy. To us, it was important for people to understand the values within a conscious lifestyle. 


7. The Fair - Christmas 2016

The Fair - Christmas 2016 was the last event of the year for Yin Yang Singapore. It was an expat fair organised by Fairs and Bazaars. There was a wide array of vendors who participated, from fashion, to lifestyle and even F&B businesses. It was a great opportunity for us to learn from the respective businesses, especially the industry experts in retailing. In addition, we have expanded our exposure to the expats, thereby increasing the chance for us to convey our brand philosophy to a wider range of target audience. 


Not to mention, it was an incredible experience to be part of a Christmas event. Immersing in the festive atmosphere had definitely added positive vibes to our brand. 



Mentioned above are the list of major events which happened in 2016, which was also the first half a year since the establishment of our brand in Singapore. So far, we are pleased to receive positive feedbacks from all the people that we have talked to. It is also exceptionally rewarding for us to be able to convey the importance of a conscious lifestyle to people in Singapore. Regardless of scale, Yin Yang wants to play a part in the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. 

In this fiscal year, Yin Yang would like to continue in the quest to raise awareness of the conscious lifestyle. We hope that through our efforts, we are able to make known to people in Singapore the significance of eco-friendly products like ours, which are manufactured with organic cotton and natural dyes. Look forward to the series of events we have in line for 2017 and stay tune to our social media channels for more updates!