Introducing the Yoga Space "bochi bochi*" (in Nara, Japan)

January 02, 2017

Introducing the Yoga Space "bochi bochi*" (in Nara, Japan)

Let us introduce you to the Yoga space "bochi bochi*" in Nara, Japan.

Yoga space "bochi bochi*" is an old folk house yoga studio with friendly atmosphere.

Yo-cchan is owner of Bochi Bochi and she is absolutely a loyal customer of Yin Yang. Since she started wearing Yin Yang clothes in her Yoga classes, she has started a trend within the studio and now, almost 90% of her students wear Yin Yang clothes during classes! 

#Yogi Short Dress Pink

Everyone is wearing Yin Yang's yoga pants!

Left # Botanical Torenka Khaki
Right #Yogi Short Dress Navy  #Botanical Torenka Blue

Pregnant women wearing Yin Yang too:)

#Yogi Short Dress Pink

Above photo shows a class of "Yogic Arts " teacher training by Duncan Wong.

Yin Yang Yoga & Active Wear is suitable for Yogic Arts which has active movement.

A teacher who has sensitive skin told us that she was completely impressed with our clothes since it did not give her any itchiness even after sweating, which was a problem she encountered with many other brands.

Yoga Space bochi bochi*

"We are Child friendly Yoga Studio which is an old folk house in Kashihara-shi Nara prefecture Japan. As a woman, as a mother we have variety of distress for body and health. We are  the community to support such kind of distress

Bochi Bochi* means bit by bit in Japanese.  We named it with thought of come face-to-face with your body by your bit by bit pace. Our class works on body to achieve healthy and beauty body."

Special thanks to Yo-cchan and bochi bochi* members!