Understanding Yin Yang's Christmas Hampers

December 15, 2016

Understanding Yin Yang's Christmas Hampers

Christmas is around the corner. To be exact, we are only 10 days away from Christmas. More often than not, this is exactly the point of time when everyone starts to fuss over gift exchange. We are completely aware of how stressful last minute Christmas shopping can get. Therefore, we have thought of a really good way for you to purchase the most suitable gifts at the best deals.


Yoga is undoubtedly an extremely popular activity, especially in the recent years. People go to Yoga for leisure, for workout or even for spiritual enlightenment. Despite all the different sort of reasons people go to Yoga for, one fundamental element which is essential for all Yogis would be Yoga Wear. Regardless of the reason we go to Yoga for, we all need a set of practical, comfortable and pretty Yoga Wear.


Therefore, this holiday season, Yin Yang is offering you three exclusive sets of Yoga Wear, which can potentially cater to the preferences of different individuals. After much discretion, Yin Yang has decided upon the best combination of products and bundled them up into three different sets: Beginner Yogi Set, Classic Set and Fashion Set. Each of these sets caters to a different kind of personality so you can be sure that you would be able to find what you need amongst our hamper sets. 


Let us now explore the different rationales behind why Yin Yang decides to present these three sets to our customers.

Beginner Yogi Set 

The reason behind coming up with the Beginner Yogi Set is simple. At Yin Yang, we strive to promote the values of a conscious lifestyle. Therefore, through our brand, we hope to encourage people to pick up Yoga as a way to kick-start a conscious lifestyle.

This outfit is basic and extremely comfortable. It is definitely perfect for all the potential Yogis out there. This is the best outfit for all those who are at the beginning of their Yoga Journey and need an attire which can enable them to check their forms and postures during Yoga classes. Highly versatile, this set allows you to try out all forms of Yoga with the highest level of comfort. 


Classic Set

Classic. This is probably the first word that comes to mind when you first see this outfit. This is the exact intention Yin Yang had in mind when we put together this outfit. We want to deliver to you one notion which we advocate for, which is, elegance within simplicity. We want to prove to you that you can achieve the elegant and classy look even with Yoga wear. 


Not to mention, this set serves as an all-in-one outfit. Wear it to Yoga class, to your brunch date or even shopping spree trips. You can practically wear this set everywhere. 


Fashion Set

Looks cool doesn't it? This set reveals one of the highlight of our brand, which is the tie-dye. The range of beautifully tie-dyed products within our Bali collection is something that has gained much attention since we launched the brand in Singapore.


It is hard to keep up with fashion, especially when we do not advocate for fast fashion. However, we have found the timeless fashion which is associated with tie-dye. We have identified that tie-dye is truly an undying trend. Therefore, this outfit is for all the fashionable Yogis out there who are environmentally conscious. This outfit is the epitome of a conscious lifestyle. It enables one to look good, feel comfortable and yet focus on environmental elements.  

Enough said, are you tempted already? Don't miss this chance! Since it's Christmas, your wish is our command. We are giving you up to 55% off if you purchase these hampers. You won't get another deal as good as this so wait no more!