Photo shooting in Bali

October 12, 2016

Photo shooting in Bali

Our Kyoto team is in the midst of discussion for the "2017 Spring & Summer collections" photo shoot.

In the meantime, our Bali team has already completed the photo shooting for the "2017 Spring & Summer collections".

Despite the scorching hot morning sun, our Bali team commenced on the photo shoot session.

This was actually the first time we held our photo-shoot at Nusa Dua! The scenic surrounding, tranquil atmosphere and spectacular landscape were simply awe-inspiring.  It didn't take much for the island to prove itself as the perfect location for our photoshoot, as it led us all into a state of euphoria. The beauty of the island was beyond words. 

Our photographer for this expedition is none other than Hisa. (She is a mother of 1 month baby girl!) With her professional and ingenious photo-taking skills, we are sure to be astonished by her master-pieces later on. (Stay tuned!!!!) 

Our most gorgeous model, Meta is featured in the campaign this time round. Her captivating poses and impeccable posture had undoubtedly made her an extremely suitable candidate for this campaign! The Bi-Color Tunic's flawless blend of white and purple evoked a sense of visual enchantment as Meta moved flawlessly across the grassfield for the photoshoot. The shirt had succeeded in allowing Meta to stand out against the surrounding background.

Here, look at our other model, Santi! Santi is not merely a model, but also a professional Yoga teacher. Needless for justification. Her perfect elbow stand would have already given her profession away. 

Her white and blue leggings blended seamlessly with the clear blue horizon. What a pleasant image!  

Stay tuned for updates on the Kyoto photo shoot session! We promise to release some sneak peek into our latest Kyoto collection, which will only be launched next year.