Pants Fair - Find Out More About: Gradation Short Pants

February 15, 2017

Pants Fair - Find Out More About: Gradation Short Pants

Perfect For Your Tropical Vacations

This pair of shorts is perfect for a beach vacation. Just imagine wearing it and doing Yoga at the beach. That is the epitome of relaxation. 

Top: Half Top Bra (Orange)      Bottom: Gradation Short Pants (Brown)

Did we mention about its comfort level? Made of silky and soft organic cotton, the shorts have an added elasticity to accommodate to Yoga poses and asanas.  

Top: Ikat T (Green)    Bottom: Gradation Short Pants (Brown)

Its earthly blend of tie-dye colorings also emphasizes on the zen mood one should be associated with during Yoga practices. 


Product Features

Its fold-down thick waistband provides additional support at the hip area. This is extremely helpful in contouring the hip and waist area during workouts. 

Bottom: Gradation Short Pants (Blue)

Side gatherings on waistband delivers an added sense of stylishness within the simple cut of the shorts. 

Bottom: Gradation Short Pants (Blue)

Flare cut at leg openings for maximum ventilation, comfort and mobility. This feature makes the short pants a perfect product for hot yoga. No more do you have to worry about drenching your workout leggings! 

Bottom: Gradation Short Pants (Blue)

In addition, two side pockets are tailored to enhance convenience and practicality. Now you don't have to worry about where to place your house keys when you want to just get out out the house for a workout session. 


Available in: Brown


Length 47.5cm

Waist width 36cm

Waist length 17cm

Hip width 39cm

Front rise (above waistband) 43cm,

Front rise (below waistband) 5.5cm

Hem width 31cm

Material 90% organic cotton, 10% elastane

About Organic Cotton:

Organic cotton comes from non-genetically modified plants that are grown without toxic insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This production method is almost the complete opposite of what that is used to produce most conventional cotton crops. It is not only environmentally friendly, it also protects health of farmers and individuals. Not to mention, Organic Cotton is highly hypoallergenic and incredibly comfortable to wear. 

About Botanical Dye Products:

Depending on the harvesting season, the colours extracted might differ slightly from time to time. The colours of our products may therefore vary slightly, depending on the weather or environmental factors. Since our products are all hand-dyes, each piece is unique and it would be unlikely to have completely identical dye-patterns. 

For recommended care methods / more information: