Pants Fair - Find Out More About: Botanical Short Pants

February 09, 2017

Pants Fair - Find Out More About: Botanical Short Pants

A Unique Product

Yin Yang has finally included shorts in the Bali line!

Top: Out Of Stock    Bottom: Botanical Short Pants (Pink)

Tapping on the classic gradient dyes of the Bali line, the Botanical Short Pants are designed with vibrant contrasting colours merged together through the unique natural tie-dye techniques.

Top:Half Top Bra (Navy)     Bottom: Botanical Short Pants (Grey)

The Botanical Short Pants also come with matching Half Bra Tops. This combination is definitely a must-have set for Hot Yoga!  


The thick waistband provides additional support at the hip area, and not to mention, gives wearers a contouring effect. In addition, the elastic waistband provides maximum ease of movement as well as comfort. 

Top:Half Top Bra (Navy)     Bottom: Botanical Short Pants (Grey)

The Botanical Short Pants are of flare fit and along with its lightweight material, ventilation is enhance. This allows wearers to feel extra cooling during exercises. 


Top:Half Top Bra (Navy)     Bottom: Botanical Short Pants (Grey)

Recommended Wear For Retreats and Vacations

Not only can you wear this pair of short pants in Yoga studios, you can totally wear them for a tropical vacation!

Top: Tail Cut Top (Blue)   Bottom: Botanical Short Pants (Grey)

The vibrant colours perfectly complements your delightful mood during vacations. Not to mention, its lightweightedness enables it to fit into your luggage without adding on much weight. Where else can you find such a pretty yet convenient pair of multi-purpose shorts?

Top: Bust Fit Tank (Brown)     Bottom: Botanical Short Pants (Grey)


Available in: Grey, Green, Blue, Pink


Waist width 30cm ~ 100cm

Hip width 25cm

Front rise (above waistband) 21cm

Inseam 12cm

Material  100% organic cotton


About Organic Cotton:

Organic cotton comes from non-genetically modified plants that are grown without toxic insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This production method is almost the complete opposite of what that is used to produce most conventional cotton crops. It is not only environmentally friendly, it also protects health of farmers and individuals. Not to mention, Organic Cotton is highly hypoallergenic and incredibly comfortable to wear.