Isetan Pop-up Store

October 24, 2016

Isetan Pop-up Store

Yin Yang Singapore's first pop-up store at Isetan Scotts has unfortunately come to an end. Prior to this event, Yin Yang Kyoto had also set up a pop-up store at the same location. The event was extremely well-received and by popular demand, Yin Yang Singapore decided to bring the brand back into the renowned departmental store. 

In order to convey to shoppers the essence of the brand's philosophy (Harmony in your lifestyle), the display table was decorated based on the theme of nature. On the table, multiple wooden displays appeared to be prominent and livings plants were even used to effectively stress on the brand's image. Through the simple and elegant design concept, Yin Yang Singapore wishes to communicate to shoppers the fundamental beliefs of the brand. Ultimately, we aim to deliver to shoppers the 5 core values that we honour--Living, Balance, Harmony, Organic and Choice. It is only through fulfilling these values that one can be able to truly live in harmony with our environment.

There you go! Our star product! Simple, casual yet sophisticated. After two weeks, our best selling product turns out to be our Ikat T-shirts! Tailored with delicate workmanship, customers were pleasantly surprised by the fit and cutting of this seemingly simple piece. Do not belittle this T-shirt, you will immediately understand its wonders the moment you try it on. 

Yes that's right! This is our other star product! The perfect blend of elegance and casualness. Be it for a vacation beach-day, a lazy sunday afternoon brunch, a saturday date or even a friday night out, this dress solves all your wardrobe dilemmas. In addition, the flattering cut of the dress makes it even harder for any lady to turn it down. 


Star products aside, many of the customers absolutely fell in love with our products. The classic Kyoto collection, together with the dynamic Bali collection, had managed to intrigue a whole new group of Yin Yang followers at Isetan. For those who has yet to witness the wonders of Yin Yang Yoga and Active Wear, fear not! We will be having another Pop-up store at Takashimaya, Level 4 Sports Department, from 25th Oct to 7th Nov. Do find a time and drop by! You will not regret coming down, or rather, you will regret not coming down! See you there!