Inspiring Women of Singapore | Marra Hensby from My Pure Earth

March 23, 2017

Inspiring Women of Singapore | Marra Hensby from My Pure Earth

In this article of the "Inspiring Women of Singapore" series, let us take a look at how Marra, the founder of My Pure Earth motivates people with her eco-friendly knowledge.

My Pure Earth is committed to helping people live a greener, healthier and chemical-free lifestyle whilst showing just how easy it can be. Products and workshops are also made available on this online platform with the intention to educate more people on living a more conscious lifestyle. 


Please give us a brief introduction of what you do. 

I work to inspire people to live a chemical free lifestyle through teaching workshops and offering all natural products. During my own journey of living a more natural lifestyle I realised that a great number of products we use in our daily lives can be replaced with essential oils, or with products that contain essential oils. Because my background is in environment and social responsibility I wanted to use a brand that was 100% pure but that also looked after the environment and the people who work to produce it. I couldn’t find any brands that were available in Singapore that had these values and provided transparency so I could have confidence in their claims. So… My Pure Earth was born. 


You mentioned that you would like to introduce a more conscious lifestyle to the people you are reaching out to. Do you mind sharing with us how you are doing so (apart from your website)? What are the challenges you face? 

I try to write as many blogs as I can and I participate in a lot of eco conscious events around Singapore and love speaking to everyone who comes up to see me at my booths at those events. It is a great opportunity to get the conversation going. I was just at Earth Fest previously and I met so many great people who are looking to make a positive change. I also teach workshops which cover many topics that help to inspire people to live a more conscious lifestyle.


What is your ultimate goal?

I love inspiring people to make small changes to their everyday lives that will have a positive impact on their health and the environment. I’m also really passionate about my essential oils line because I only work with small, environmentally conscious and ethical farmers who don’t always have access to a global supply chain. I’m really passionate about working with these farmers and helping them to get their beautiful oils into the hands of more conscious consumers.

Now that you are a mother, how have your lifestyle changed to adapt to an additional member in your family? Specifically, how are you applying the conscious lifestyle to your newly established motherhood?

My little guy is only 5 weeks old, so not much has changed as of yet (except for an extreme lack of sleep!). But my conscious lifestyle will extend to my little one as he grows up. My husband and I are cloth diapering and using our own reusable baby wipes etc and as he grows up and starts using more products, eating more foods we will continue to introduce products that are as natural, chemical free and environmentally sustainable as possible.

We are also aware that you conduct regular workshops. Could you please give us a little more insights on the workshops? Who are the participants? What other workshops are you looking at next?

I currently run workshops to teach people how to make their own natural cleaning products and pest control products that don’t contain any chemicals. The recipes are made up of ingredients that many people already have in their home and essential oils. I’ve received great feedback from my workshops as they are hands on, so people get to make the products and take them home that day to test them out. I love receiving messages in the following days telling me how shocked they were that all natural products are just as effective as the chemical filled versions that people buy in the stores. Plus they are so much healthier for you and not to mention, much cheaper!

Currently I offer these courses for homeowners and domestic helpers. This year I will be launching a new workshop that will teach people how to make their own beauty products.