Yin Yang Album Collection by Kayoko

November 14, 2016

Yin Yang Album Collection by Kayoko

Article contributed by Kayoko Yoshida


Hi! I am Kayoko Yoshida. Lucky I have chosen Yin Yang Ambassador 2017 continuing from 2016.

I felt Yin Yang is unique and distinct during my first year of Yin Yang ambassador.

Shades of color, loose-fitting and silky touch clothes is only for Yin Yang. I was frequently asked “ which colour blnd is it?” . 

Yoga teachers looking for best yoga wear but if they do not know enough about Yin Yang, they will be hesitant towards purchasing Yin Yang Yoga Wear because Yin Yang is considered high end products and  they might not be able to imagine when they can wear it.

So I created my Yin Yang album☆

In this album, several people are featured. One of them is the current and previous ambassador, Maya who is Yin Yang Model and other Yin Yang lovers.

Please check my Facebook album.


I would like show you some pictures.


 After the meditation.

In California, USA

In Thailand

Photo shooting of Maternity Yoga

My daughter wears balloon pant like a one piece!

Most of all Yin Yang products are one size only but it is stretch a lot. My height is 162 cm.

My favorite of AW2016 is Yogi Short Dress!

I am happy if my article help your shopping:)

Original article from Yin Yang Japan