Green is the New Black

November 01, 2016

Green is the New Black

Over the last weekend, Yin Yang was extremely honoured to participate in Green is the New Black, Asia's first ever conscious event. The message brought across this time round was clear: empowering you to take action. As standard of living increases, it is without doubt that many of us are able to enjoy affluent lifestyles. We can now afford to buy more clothes, eat more expensive food or even take up more leisure activities than before. However, do we dare say that we are wearing better clothes, eating better food and spending better quality time out of work? 


Yes, you may thinking that you are in fact, enjoying a better quality of life. But I challenge you to give it a second thought. There is a difference between leading a more affluent lifestyle and a better quality lifestyle. There is a difference between instant gratification and long-term satisfaction. There is a difference between spending your money and spending your money wisely. The key is in fact, leading the conscious lifestyle. Leading the conscious lifestyle inspires one to be mindful of what you eat, what you use and what you do. It is challenging to be fully informed about the values of the things you eat, use and do.


This was exactly what Green is the New Black was about. The event provided goers a 360 degree immersive experience to inform and display to attendees the core of a conscious lifestyle. There were 4 main experiences one could enjoy at the event: Mindful Marketplace, Mouth Watering Grub, Engaging Workshops and Soulful Stage Performances. The Mindful Marketplace was a curated platform featuring local fashion, art, beauty and lifestyle brands who are conscious and mindful in their business practices. The Mouth Watering Grub was a gathering of a diverse and exciting group of food vendors that will exemplify healthy options which tastes were absolutely not compromised. A series of engaging workshops had also provided goers with a learning platform to understand the essence of the conscious lifestyle.  Last but not least, the Soulful Stage Performances was a platform to feature local brands and entertainers and provide exposure for the Singaporean entertainment industry to a community of conscious consumers. 


As a participating vendor of the Mindful Marketplace, Yin Yang was extremely lucky to be surrounded by like-minded vendors who shared the same principle and value as us--that is, THE CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE!! Amidst the positive vibes, Yin Yang could find the perfect synergy with all these conscious vendors. Most of us were selling products that are environmentally friendly, providing shoppers with the perfect setting to shop while most minimally impacting the environment. We were also thrilled to connect with the like-minded community, and at the same time, introduce the importance of mindful products to people who were relatively unfamiliar with the concept.


Although there were a good number of people who were previously exposed to the concept of organic cotton and botanical dye, there were still plenty of people who were unfamiliar with these foreign terms. Glady, we introduced these concepts to many of the attendees, who were fascinated by this unorthodox apparel production methods. Many people are aware of the environmental catastrophe which the fashion industry has brought about. However, it is known to little that there is an environmentally friendly option available. 


We are all aware of the means and methods to receive instant gratifications which can make us happier. Shopping, eating and entertainments are nevertheless our all-times-favorite "happy activities". However, what we need to understand is that we need eat consciously, buy consciously and act consciously in order to truly achieve the ultimate realm of happiness. We need to live consciously to achieve long term satisfactions. Instant gratification is not going to contribute to your quality of life in the long term.