Cycle of thoughts

January 02, 2017

Cycle of thoughts

2016 has officially ended. 

We are delighted to have presented Yin Yang to our customers in 2016. 

Our founder and designer, Yuko, reports about her visit to the Bali Children's Nursing Home, the beneficiary of Yin Yang's charity gesture, this Christmas season.

Hi, this is Yuko from Bali.
This is busy season in Japan. We are all 
preparing for new year celebration, just like how Singaporean are busy before the CNY.

Yin Yang Bali team has successfully delivered our new 
2017 Spring Summer collection. Not to mention, they have been providing us with excellent products over the past year. 

We visited children's nursing home in Bali which is called EVEN HAEZER to provide donation and organic cookies as a Christmas gifts.

The children's nursing home is managed by locals and Ms Elizabeth, the guardian of the home, who takes care of the 37 children like a mother. Her husband is a churchman.

The place is not exactly big but along with the chef and cleaning staff, they make do with the living environment. 

The adults at the home takes very good care of the children and i believe that they would be able to grow up healthily. 

The children at the home showed us their appreciation by performance of a series of Christmas songs. They were really 
cute and lovely!

All of children are really lively and cheerful and the elder children take care of younger ones, just like a big family.

I am relieved to hear that children at the home are able to receive food, shelter and education.
I really hope that we can have yoga practices together, through Yin Yang, in the future.