Care instructions for Botanical Dyeing products

August 13, 2016

Care instructions for Botanical Dyeing products

Our Botanical Dyeing products are using only natural dyeing solutions and natural color fixatives.

Compared to chemically dyed products, our products can be more vulnerable to wash and exposure to direct sunlight, also through continuous usage the colors may gradually change.

We hope that you enjoy these changes altogether as one of the charming experiences with our Botanical Dyeing products.

★Recommended way of washing★

1. Turn the clothes inside out and hand wash with water for the first three times.

After that, it can be put into laundry nets and wash in washing machines(use delicate cycle and separate with other light colored clothes.
Also, to prevent color change, dissolve the detergent in water first and if possible use pH balanced or natural detergents.

2. When drying, turn inside out and avoid direct sunlight.