Warmly Bolero

December 27, 2016

Warmly Bolero

Body Temperature Control - Convenient Long Sleeve

If you feel cool at the beginning of the Yoga class as your body temperature is not raise immediately, Warmly Bolero is wonderful to prevent chills caused by perspiration in air-conditioned rooms.

It is suitable to wear Warmly Bolero during the Yoga class as this is absolutely easy to wear off due to it's light and short blouse design. It's not only warm, but also breathable. Loose version of sleeve can be perfectly cover your "bingo wings".

Top: Warmly Bolero #Navy/White; Inner: For Reference Only
Bottom: Long corrugated bloomers #Blue

The part of neck to arm of the Warmly Bolera is being designed carefully to keep the beautiful line in shaped even in dynamic action.

Even raising your arms, Warmly Bolera can also completely fit into your body, you can fully focus on Yoga Asana.

By using the excellent stretchable materials, the fantastic texture of modal has a distinctive soft feel and elegant glossy sheen. 100% gently to your skin and make your body and soul peace of mind.

Top: Warmly Bolero #Green; Bust Fit Tank #Brown
Bottom: Botanical Legging #Black
Back Design with Feminine Look - Botanical Plain Dyed or Tie-Dyed Pattern are both Kawaii!

For those Yogini dare not wear too exposed yoga clothes, sleek and stylist short design of Warmly Bolero with botanical dyes is the best matching outerwear.

The calm colors of Warmly Bolero can be easily matched with any sporty items and sleek and natural style gives the silhouette a feminine look.

If you want to be more eye-catching, try our Botanical Tie-Dyed pattern! 

 Top: Warmly Bolero #Navy/White; Inner: For Reference Only