Autumn Night Yoga report from Kyoto

October 27, 2016

Autumn Night Yoga report from Kyoto

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We have received report from Sandra, Yin Yang Yoga Wear ambassador (Japan), about her yoga event "Autumn Night Yoga" in Kyoto.




Hello everyone! This is Sandra, Yin Yang Yoga Wear ambassador in 2016.

The unbearably hot and humid summer in Kyoto is long gone. The autumn season brings with cool breezes and the pleasure of spending time outdoor in the evening air. It's the best time of the year to bring our yoga mats outdoor for practice!

I had the honour to lead a yoga class as the ambassador of Yin Yang Yogawear 2016 at rooftop of Kyoto Isetan department store in the evening on October 18th. The event was first scheduled on September 20th, but was canceled due to unexpected typhoon. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants, the organizer decided to reschedule. Luckily, this time the weather was perfect, crisp and fresh air with clear sky to see the stars.

At the rooftop of Isetan department store, we practiced in the dim candle lights overlooking the night view of Kyoto city. The participants' yoga level varied from first timer to yoga instructors. I was very glad to see some showed up in their Yin Yang Yogawears! To be honest, it was a bit dark that we couldn't see everyone's face clearly, but we all breathed and moved in unison.

Thanks Yin Yang Yogawear for organizing this event and everyone who came to join to class!


You can check Sandra's activities from followings.

Sandra Fang

E-200 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher


Facebook: Sandra Fang - Yoga & Lifestyle

She held yoga class in English. If you visit Kyoto, please consider to attend her class.


We, Singapore team, will start ambassador program soon. 

We provide our Yin Yang clothes free and give special discount to our ambassadors, moreover, we also sponsor for the events.

If you are interested to be our ambassadors, please feel free to contact us.