After the Chakra Journey...

October 04, 2016

After the Chakra Journey...

Our Yoga Workshop has successfully concluded on 2 Oct 2016! A special thanks to our beloved instructor, Masumi San! And of course, Yin Yang Singapore would like to extend our greatest gratitude to the enthusiastic attendees of the workshop. It is never easy to drag ourselves out of bed on a Sunday morning, especially when you have to zombie your way to town for a Yoga class. But each and every attendee will tell you that our workshop was worth all the effort. Attending this Chakra Workshop provided us with more energy than any amount of sleep ever would and everyone walked out of the studio feeling more energized than they have ever felt.


At this workshop, Masumi san focused on the enlightenment of Chakra Energy activation. She patiently guided all attendees through the journey of self-discovery. Through the sets of exercises taught by Masumi san, everyone was brought into a realm of ultimate peacefulness. The exercises allowed us to get in touch with the flow of energy within our body and thereafter restore balance within oneself. It resulted in a sensation that was hardly describable through words. You’ve got to experience it yourself; I’m not kidding you. It feels almost magical!

This workshop was entirely different from the mainstream Yoga session, which squeezes every single ounce of perspiration out of your sweat glands. It involved less intensive movements, as well as an emphasis on self-awareness. In Chakra, we learn that in fact, there is a lot more to simple acts like breathing, sitting or even lying down. A consciousness towards the art of Chakra can allow you to fully channel energy from each and every aspect of your daily lives.


We ended off the event with a special Chakra smoothie customized by LINS Smoodees. Whoever tells you that healthy food is always gross, bring them to the LINS Smoodees. The smoothies will shut their mouths up for the rests of their lives. There is no sugar and milk added in all smoothies and only whole fruits and organic greens are used in the blends. Most importantly, the smoothies taste heavenly!


The effect of Chakra practice is indeed amazing. After the workshop, I felt incredibly grounded, calm, composed and blissful. I was truly impressed by how a mere 2 hours session can bring about such incredible physical and emotional impact. Walking along the super crowded Orchard Road on a Sunday afternoon has never felt so tranquil. Suddenly, within this busy city, I felt my sense of purpose; I understood the meaning of my existence; I felt energized.