2017 SS Photo Shooting in Kyoto

December 26, 2016

2017 SS Photo Shooting in Kyoto

Article is contributed by Maaya, Yin Yang’s Japan Brand Ambassador


The grass is always greener on the other side. In times of summer, we always miss the cool weather during winters. However, when it is winter, we long for the abundance of warmth which we can only enjoy during summers.

This time round, the theme of Yin Yang’s photoshoot revolves around the reimagining of the seasons. Yin Yang wants to remove the barriers in seasonal fashion, destroying the norm whereby one can only wear a specific kind of clothing during specific seasons. The active wear brand wishes to make possible for people to wear fashion of complete opposite seasons regardless of which time of the year you are in.

It is finally time for me to participate in the 2017 Spring and Summer Collection photoshoot! I absolutely love what i am doing with Yin Yang and the entire photoshoot process was such an enjoyable experience as always!

The photoshoot took place at a studio called “studioROOT” which is located within Kyoto, Japan. Once again, it was my pleasure to work with the team of dedicated crew who never fails to impress.

StudioROOT is a 2-story studio with large empty spaces, gorgeous lightings as well as beautiful nature-themed decorations. It was such a lovely place with an absolutely great atmosphere.

(At the end of the photo shooting, it was a pleasant surprise for me to find out that the owner of the studio is an acquaintance of mine since a long time ago. It felt amazing to be able to catch up with someone i knew while out on a work trip!)

After a series of vigorous preparation, we proceeded with the photoshoot.


Our best seller product, "Organic Fit Skinny”, now has an improved version!

This time round, the fabric used consist of a mixture of polyurethane and rayon, which gave the product its incredibly soft touch. It is definitely softer and silkier than its previous version.

Although the photoshoot was done indoor, the weather was so cold that I had to put pocket warmer on my back. (My face looks stern due to cold temperature.) 


Checking test shoots by the members.


While I am changing clothes, the cameraman used the time in between to shoot a couple of product photos. No time wasted!


I am looking forward to present all Yin Yang followers with the 2017SS collections.